DevSecOps Studio

Welcome to DevSecOps Studio Project!


DevSecOps Studio is one of its kind, self-contained DevSecOps environment/distribution to help individuals in learning DevSecOps concepts. It takes lots of efforts to set up the environment for training/demos and more often, it’s error-prone when done manually. DevSecOps Studio is easy to get started, mostly automatic and battle-tested during our Practical DevSecOps Course

DevSecOps Studio project aims to reduce the time to bootstrap the environment and help you in concentrating on learning/teaching DevSecOps practices.


  • Easy to setup environment with just one command “vagrant up”
  • Teaches Security as Code, Compliance as Code, Infrastructure as Code
  • With built-in support for CI/CD pipeline
  • OS hardening using ansible
  • Compliance as code using Inspec
  • QA security using ZAP, BDD-Security, and Gauntlt
  • Static tools like Bandit, brakeman, windbags, gitrob, gitsecrets
  • Security Monitoring using ELK stack.


  • We use this repo as a companion to our Practical DevSecOps course.

  • If you wish to join our free course, please click on Join the course in the above link.


Install Vagrant, Virtualbox, Ansible and Follow the below steps.

# Download the code
$ git clone && cd DevSecOps-Studio

# Download the ansible dependency roles
$ ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml -p provisioning/roles

# Setup the environment, takes an hour or less based on your internet speed.
$ vagrant up

Go grab some coffee while DevSecOps Studio does its job.

Yes, that’s it, you just set up entire DevSecOps environment with three commands.

See the getting started guide for instructions how to get it up and running.


Last but not least a big thank you to Hari K for providing continuous feedback during this project.

Furthermore, DevSecOps Studio uses some of the ansible roles from Jeff

AppSec Pipeline image is from